There are numerous organisations that provide some excellent information on energy efficiency, sustainability and climate change. Please use the contacts below to further your own research, and become an eco-star yourself!



General Eco Info....


Living Smart Courses courses to help you be healthier, save energy and money, and help the environment.

Your Home Australia's guide to environmentally sustainable homes. Essential info if you're planning to build. Excellent reference for anyone.


Alternative Technology Association  national association promoting energy saving and conservation to households. Heaps of info, articles, events, publications, promotions and an on-line eco-shop. Membership is well worth it!!

Conservation Info....


Australian Conservation Foundation  check out their Green Home publication (WA  edition) and other great information and projects.


Freecycle - like e-bay, but everything is FREE! Recycling at it's best. (You do have to register as a Yahoo user though - but that is also free!)

Waterwise Plants for Perth Gardens Water Corporation database of low water plants.

Water Corporation - waterwise plants



Other Info Sources....


Green Vehicle Guide - Government site for comparing energy efficiency of new cars.


Energy Rating Scheme star ratings & running costs for all Australian appliances.


Water Efficiency Labelling & Standards - national mandatory labelling system for household water-using appliances.

Water Corporation water saving ideas. Ph: 13 13 85

Synergy energy saving ideas, green energy, energy calculator.      Ph: 13 13 53


Aust Gas Association rating scheme & running costs for gas appliances.